On average, men’s pockets are 3” deeper than women’s pockets*, if we even get them at all. This project aims to bring attention to pocket inequality with a collection of dresses designed with deep pockets that can hold everything from our most prized possessions to our lip gloss. 

Gone are the days when men hold all the valuables. Women deserve deep pockets, both figuratively and literally. Dresses with pockets put an end to endlessly rummaging through our bag to find business cards. They hold speech notes, guard good luck charms, and allow us to dance without a purse swinging into the person next to us.

You have my word that all dresses in the collection have pockets at least 8.5 inches deep. Because we've got things to do and snacks to carry.

Julie Sygiel

Founder, The Pockets Project

*Based on personal research sticking a ruler in pockets at Zara.